Post-ProductionVideo Editing

Video Editing

Color Grading & Finishing [Edit1]

Installed with Rio and DaVinci Resolve

[Edit-1]is installed with [Rio], enabling color grading and finishing process compatible with 4K. In addition to the standard display, the room is equipped with NEC 4K DLP Cinema Projector, making it possible for editing and grading while projecting on an approx. 4mx1.7m screen.


Work Video Rio
DaVinci Resolve
Projector CINEMA DLP NS3240S-A (4K support)
4K Master Monitor Sony:BVM‐X300
4K Client Monitor Sony:KJ - 65Z9D (HDR support)
Stewart Screen H:1650㎜ W:3945㎜(SCOPE) W:3053(VISTA) SCOPE:168.3inch VISTA:136.6inch

ONLINE [Edit2〜3]

Suitable for finishing process for all contents, including films and TV dramas.

There are 3 rooms with Edit1 and Edit2 that fully supports 4K.

SPEC - Edit2

Work Video Avid Media composer
Switcher Sony:MVS‐7000X
Editing Controller Sony:Plugin-Editor
Character Generator Videotron:ST-350HS
iMac Adobe CC

SPEC - Edit3

Switcher Grass Vally:KAYAK HD200C
Editing Controller Sony:BVE-9100
Character Generator Videotron:ST-350HS

SPEC - Edit4

Switcher Grass Valley:KAYAK HD100C
Editing Controller Sony:BVE-2000
Character Generator Videotron:ST-390
Windows Adobe CC,EDIUS

OFFLINE [Avid1〜3]

A comfortable space to consider and concentrate on creating the contents.

Experienced editors supports various editing methods for creating high-quality video contents necessary for theatrical films and TV drama series in a spacious and comfortable environment.

SPEC - Avid1〜3

Work Video Avid : MC ver 8.8.3
Sub Machine iMac,Macbook(Adobe CC , Avid Media Composer)

Data Management

Supports the rapid increase of the recent file-based workflow of the materials.

We have installed StorNext Quantum Xcellis (140TB) for working with 4K, built a cyber system with SAN, and achieved a file-based workflow with Facilis technology's Facilis Hub in a center server. A stress-free work is made possible by sharing the files with each room. We provide safe and speedy support for a file-based workflow from shooting to editing and final delivery, with high-speed transmission system, HARBOR, and a file checking software Qscan(Pro).


Ingest Machine×1
MOG:mxf Speed Rail S1000
BD,DVD Encoder SiriusPixels:HDe,Sde
BD Authoring soft ScenaristBD
DVD Authoring soft ScenaristSD
File check soft Qscan(Pro) ver 3.8.1

Floor Guide

Other Post-Production Processes