Planning and Production

Planning and Production

Tradition and Innovation
A Creative Division of the Shochiku Group

High-quality video production by TV program and TV commercial directors!

【We have worked with many contents, such as company VP, YouTube videos, and behind-the-scenes video for films】
【Planning, creating composition script and storyboard, shooting, editing, and finalizing is performed in one-man operation】

The methods can be adjusted according to the budeget, so please contact us.

Production Flow


Meeting, Planning, Researching, Creating composition script


on location, in studio, with chroma key, video cameras, SLR cameras, wearable cameras, drones, 360 degrees, etc.
Shotting with various devices


Off-line Editing, Color Adjustment, CG using Processing, MA (Recording of narration, Adding sounds)

Package Program


Movie, Kabuki & Stage